A project or cause is only as powerful as the community that embraces, supports and helps it thrive. A community is created and nurtured with consistent education, communication and support. Our team excels at developing a project’s online community into a loyal and supportive network.


Our team is trained and kept up to date with the current trends, token sale protocols, and best practices. We are here to help educate the community about your project as well as the token sale process. Giving power to the community through transparency lends trust and respect to your project.


We work around the clock to make sure there is constant contact between the community and your team. This reliability garners trust for the project while creating an engaged support network. This is extremely valuable when participants want constant communication during the token sale process.


By providing an active and reliable chain of support, potential participants feel more loyalty to and more confident in contributing to your project. We use tools that offer instant support while also gathering information towards lead generation for your token sale. When these tools fall short to a human touch, we are online to offer one-on-one attention.


Brand Recognition

Through a consistent social media presence and an active chat community, your brand gains recognition in the crypto community earning support and respect. We can help you establish your online social brand, making sure it is consistent and gains exposure.

Social Reputation

Through consistent and quality content and communication, our team builds your project’s online reputation. Potential participants will consider this reputation before deciding whether or not to contribute.

Crypto Literate

Our team has worked on several token sales while volunteering for the UCLA Blockchain LabLA Blockchain Lab, and the IBREA. We are constantly involved and engaged in the evolving crypto market. As a team, we are always looking to improve as new tools and protocols become available.

Community Management

Our team is available to help those in immediate need, give information, and boost moral in the projects chatrooms, forums, and social channels. Having team members in several different time zones allows for more consistent support.

Customer Service

Our team is trained in cutting edge technology and tools for customer service. We make sure no message goes without a response while also collecting important data. We are trained in spamming, hacking and trolling to make sure that the community is protected from rogue users.

Giving Back

We believe that success is only as good as those you share it with. Our team loves to give back to the community and space in many different ways including teaching classes to students. Giving back through education ensures the crypto community remains a safe space for all.





Brand & Interactive Design

Lauren Biedenharn comes from the real estate industry and has worked on several token sales with start ups in all different industries. Her background in branding and interactive design give her a unique outlook on community development and culture strategy in this ever-growing crypto space. Working along side with the UCLA Blockchain Lab, Lauren spends her time helping educate others on the space as well as working on solutions to the world’s issues utilizing blockchain technology.


Laura Andrews

Director of Operations

Rachel Pascascio

Head of Community Management & Support

Claire Royle

Community Management & Support

Erin Moses

Social Media Manager

Lila Ginsburg

Community Manager

Sasha Zimnitsky

Community Management & Support

George Kamar

Community Manager

Cydney Sheffield

Social Content Creator


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